The fact is every chance you get to do business with a prospect matters a great deal. Every time anyone at the dealership communicates with a customer, and they don’t know what to say or they say the wrong thing, it costs the dealership money. Not too long ago the ability of sales staff to handle calls was rated poorly by the general public. I’ve had dealers tell me that they spent thousands on high tech phone recording systems but rarely ever use them to help their team perform better. The statistics in this industry states that sales people selectively follow up on unsold customers and talk a good game about maximizing repeat and referral business managing their client base. Yet in spite of this most dealerships have been successful and profitable despite lacking time to focus on training, accountability, and processes. A new day is here! To take your dealership to the next level the sales people must learn to become sales professionals and take pride in what they do. History proves that for an industry to get better the people must learn how to be better! Is it really necessary for me to tell you how you will profits immediately by training your people?

How is this training different than any others? - First off, what other companies have called training over the years really hasn’t been. Sending your people to an eight-hour seminar at the Marriott and expecting their behavior to change is the equivalent of watching one football game and expecting to be drafted into the National Football League! This is bigger than doing simply pump up sessions. “Training” is a process that has different levels and check points to be certain the information is being retained. If any of these qualities are missing from training programs being used at the dealership improvement will be difficult. Everything that we do incorporates what the goals are for the dealership, Motivation, Education, Simulation, and Personal Accountability. Email us today and we’ll show you how to train more effectively and in less time than you ever thought possible. Best of all we can show you a solution that comes with a 100% Guarantee. Our email is

What is the “expense” associated with your training? - It’s not an expense, it’s an investment. It amazes me that dealers will watch prospects leave the lot, listen to sales call after call get handled poorly, and spend dollar after dollar on marketing while the staff gets dependent and quit prospecting. Ask yourself honestly how much is it costing you every day of every week of every month to have your people clueless as to what to say and what to do to get the maximum amount of customers into the showroom. The training is an investment; it’s a business decision that could be worth thousands of dollars. Don’t hesitate to call us today at 904-438-8558; missed opportunities to sell more vehicles, that might be your biggest expense!

Why is automotive management training so important today? - Many sales managers become managers simply because they were top salespeople or because they have been at the dealership the longest. However, more often than not, these people do not receive actual management training. The skill set necessary for selling at a dealership may not translate directly into management skills. Some of the key responsibilities for sales managers include closing deals, the sales desk deals, hiring, and firing. However, the two most important responsibilities, especially in the current business environment, are training the sales staff and acting as a sales activity manager. That is, determining whether your sales staff is doing the right things, the right way at the right time to drive traffic. No team is successful despite having a bad coach. Either you have good managers, or you make them good. Send me a good manager, I’ll send you back a great one! Call us today 904-438-8558

Is a BDC (Business Development Center) necessary for my dealership to be successful? - Not necessarily. In discussing “Business Development,” results are the goal whether they are achieved on the showroom floor, or in a “Business Development Center” environment. Each dealership presents different challenges and each dealer has different goals. What works for one dealer may not necessarily work for another. Our experience allows us to make specific recommendations based on your individual situation and goals. For any additional questions call us today

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