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How to Present Payment Options To A Customer

Presenting payment options with your customers like a professional. Presenting payment options on car deals requires good communication skills, an understanding of your customers budget, and their needs. Watch and learn how to present numbers like an automotive sales professional. Close more car deals and help more customers make good buying decisions!

Questions To Ask That Build Trust and Rapport

Here are some questions to ask your customers to better understand their needs and wants. Check out these questions that could instantly boost your…

How to Hit Your Sales Numbers Every Month – 24 Hour Special

One thing that amazes me is how most people deal with "rejection". When they face it, they believe it's a "sign" or signal to stop, quit, and not go further. Example: Somebody starts working at a dealership and finds it hard. They believe this...

How To Handle The “I Want a Cheaper Price” Objection – Ep #2 (Selling To Survive) Podcast

When a customer says “I want a cheaper price” most sales people freeze. In this video you will be prepared to handle this objection and turn it around. Applying this simple method will take your sales to a higher level with more money on your deals.

How To Sell Like a Champion at Your Dealership

In this video you learn how to sell like a Champion and get maximum results at your dealership. In the video Brian Maxwell gives you the McDonald’s method to sell and outperform other sales reps at your dealership.

3 Ways Transparency Selling Creates More Car Deals

3 Ways Transparency Selling Creates More Car Deals A friend of mine recently bought a 2017 Chevy Tahoe from a local Chevrolet dealer. He ended up using to give him confidence in the price he should pay for the new vehicle. I had to ask the obvious...

What to Say When Prospecting Customers

Prospecting for new business on the phone is one of the best tools when used properly. Knowing what to say makes the difference between setting an appointment and being blown off. In this video you get a step by step word process to prospect for new business successfully over the phone.

3 Insane Reasons 95% of Car Salesmen Struggle to Make Money

3 insane reasons 95% of car salesmen struggle to make money. In the video automotive sales expert Brian Maxwell finally exposes the car business. Sensative, lazy, and negative people will NOT watch this!

How To Sell Cars And Get Leads From Facebook

How to use Facebook the world’s most popular social media site that offers new ways to connect ​​​with potential customers in your area to increase brand awareness and boost sales.

Are Old School Tactics Costing You New Car Deals?

Are Old School Tactics Costing You New Car Deals? It is amusing when I hear a sales manager training their sales team to use canned closes like the puppy dog close, the Ben Franklin close, and any other canned closing technique. The sales consultant tries it and it...

Two Questions Sales People Should NEVER Ask Customers

Many sales at the dealership are blown because the sales rep has a horrible greeting. How you greet guests at your dealership makes the difference between creating a client or losing a customer. Here is a simple way to greet guests at your dealership, establish a relationship, and help people make a smart buying decision and do business with your dealership.

How To Remove Negative People To Increase Your Sales

Negative people are the barrier between success in failure. Many men and women are around negative people everyday and want to learn how to win in the game of life. This video gives a quick description of how to overcome that barrier to success.

Automotive Sales Training Online

Expect the Best from the Best! Nationally recognized sales trainer and founder of Sales Professionals of America Recruiting Brian Maxwell shares powerful tips that will help you get more customers off the lot, into the dealership, and driving off in their new vehicle.

“Using Mr. Maxwell’s social media strategies I generated 10 appointments and closed 4 sales in 2 days”

Ryan D, Peacock Ford


Will this training help people with automotive sales experience?

Yes, these sales training modules are jam packed with powerful tools for experienced people at the dealership and the green-pea.

Do you offer sales training programs I can purchase?

Many of the automotive sales training modules are FREE. If you are ready to step up into the $100,000 year club there are sales training programs available to help you launch yourself to the next level.

Are there any training video to sell cars on social media?

Yes, there are several training videos to help sell more cars and boost your sales on Facebook and Youtube.

What is your refund policy?

We offer six months to use the training modules and if you don’t feel they increased your sales a refund will be provided.

Does Mr. Maxwell offer personal sales training?

Yes, Mr. Maxwell does offer personal sales coaching and online sales training programs. Within the modules are more information to decide which works best for you.

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