How To Create The Life and Success You Want

Do you find yourself constantly knocking on the door of success looking for a way to get in? Are you caught up in a revolving door that continues to spin around and around like a carousel When you take stock of your life, do you feel like you should be further than where you are now? A short time ago, I looked at my goals. Those of you that know how I am, might agree that I am a dreamer. I have BIG goals and dreams. But every once in a while I have moments when I, too, am frustrated. I feel like I am sitting in a car full of gas but unable to put my foot on the success accelerator so I am sitting in one place.

On the outside, most people that meet me think I have it all figured out. They think I am so together and achieving great things and I have made it. Please understand, I am very pleased with the success I have experienced at this point in my life. I am living my dream in the greatest country in the world. I am fortunate! I start everyday with excitement, anticipation, and passion. I get to do what I am passionate about and enjoy. My occupation is my vacation. I have close associates in great places. I am more fortunate that a lot of people. Life is amazing compared to what it used to be. I am persistently and passionately moving on to greater things. But there has been frustration and disappointment on the journey.

Well, different from others that are so consumed with working to survive and forget to design the life they desire, I took the time to explore what I can do to better my situation. What I discovered was breathtaking. I learned that my actions are not in line with my intentions. And that could be what is holding you back, too. Let me explain how. I want you visualize your mind as a beautiful garden. You will never grow corn from a squash seeds. But this is exactly what happens when we attempt to plant negative seeds and expect positive and happy results.

When you sow seed of doubt, poverty, and fear you will reap the same type of harvest. When you start your day uncertain if you will make it or not, it doesn’t matter what you do, you will not make much positive progress. You have to Think Positive! It is this reason that requires us to avoid allowing others to pour out their negative waste and accepting it as your truth. It can be harmful to your success! If you pay attention you’ll notice that many people are unable to have a conversation without ejecting so type of anxiety, doubt, or fear into our mental Rolodex. Be aware the more you allow others thoughts to be yours the more difficult the journey down the pathway to prosperity.

A single negative thought acts like weeds to a beautiful garden. The moment it enters your mind begins to root and try to contaminate the rest of the garden. I know that you are aware of the fact that the journey on the road to success starts on the inside. The first step to transformation to evolve into what you are born to be you must begin to act and think like you are that NOW! Next you must hold the vision in your mind as you go through your day performing every task with the power of purpose manifesting your inner vision into your outer reality. There is a Infinite Intelligent Source that always provides that which we decide. Only we have the power to disappoint ourselves and does that make sense to let yourself down?

Next time you and I get together observe your garden (your mind) and remove and weeds that will destroy your crop. How did those weeds get there? Those that choose to be influenced by what people around them want them to do will have difficulty finding fulfillment. Those that take good care of their garden and watch what types of seeds are sown will find his/ or her path to accomplishment and achievement.

Success is more than a lifestyle it’s a state of mind!

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