One thing that amazes me is how most people deal with “rejection”.

When they face it, they believe it’s a “sign” or signal to stop, quit, and not go further.

Example: Somebody starts working at a dealership and finds it hard. They believe this resistance is proof from the heavens that its not right for them.

So they quit.

Their mental programming looks like this:

Rejection = Bad >> Bad = Stop >> Stop = Don’t try again.

A person with this type of mentality wont get anywhere in life because all they seek is: Ease, comfort, short-term pleasure and instant gratification.

The only activities that satisfy this mentality are: Fast food, alcohol, drugs, Netflix, social media, shopping, texting, sex, and “socializing”.

If you want to achieve anything meaningful, you’ve got to face rejection and resistance. The more meaningful the goal, the greater the resistance.

Example: Going to the gym or going for a run is literally facing resistance. What’s the byproduct of this? Health, fitness, well being and achievement.

Remember this: The plane takes off against the wind.

Resistance is a good thing, behind it lies everything you want in life. The more you embrace it, the more reward you get.

I used to treat resistance as a signal to stop and I got nothing in life but guilty pleasures from everything relating to instant gratification which brings no long term rewards or happiness.

When I changed my way of thinking, I changed my life.

Now I treat resistance and rejection as a source of energy.

The more resistance you put against me, the more I want it and the harder I will go. Everything that goes against me only makes me stronger.

When most people get criticized, they get scared and stop. When I get criticized, I feed on that energy and use it to come on stronger.

Anybody can succeed when they’re going with the wind.

Very few can succeed when they’re going against it.

Do yourself a favor and reprogram your minds perception of resistance and achieve peak performance.

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