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How to Create a Winning Facebook Page

How to Create a Winning Facebook Page If you’re going to be successful in Facebook advertising, then it is crucial to have a great page for your business to begin with. Your Facebook page will act as a hub for your business and will provide a convenient way for people...

Youtube Marketing Tips and Strategies

Youtube Marketing Tips and Strategies Video marketing is perfect for building trust, and connecting with people who like your dealership and began to become familiar with your brand. These YouTube marketing tips are the same as the home business success stories....

How to Create Amazing Video Ads for Facebook

using a video can be a fantastic way to have a much stronger impact on your potential customers. They say an image can tell a thousand words – so imagine how a video will…Read More

Best Writing Strategies for Your Facebook Ads

Using tactical writing strategies for your Facebook ads can absolutely supercharge your profits and help you to see breakthroughs in your sales and conversion rates. Read more to learn how to apply it to your dealership

3 Ways To Use Social Media To Sell Cars

Social media is an amazing tool that when used correctly helps you find customers looking to buy your vehicle brand. This video shares 3 ways to use social media to sell more cars and make more money.

The Science of Selling on Social Media

Social selling is one of the most powerful a fastest growing trends in today’s market. Top producing sales professionals are earning huge commissions by concentrating there prospecting to social media. In this video Brian Maxwell lays out the do’s and don’t of successful social selling.

How to Create Great Images for Your Facebook Ads

The first thing to think about when creating your Facebook ads are what type of image get us to look up in the first place. Studies show for example that images of people are more likely to

Watch How to Drive Traffic with Facebook
by Brian Maxwell


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Social Media Training

Sales training resources like video, audiobooks, e-books, and webinars. Sales training resources to improve your performance at your dealership and increase your commissions. Each training module is loaded with easy to apply ways to sell better and earn more.

Automotive Sales Training

In this module you’ll learn to convert lot ups into buying customers, use social media to drive leads, close more sales, and earn big commissions.

How To Use Youtube to Boost Sales

Youtube is the biggest social media platform in the world. In this Video Training Module you will learn how to use video to stand out and drive business to your dealership.

BDC Sales Training

The BDC dept is an important part of an automotive dealerships. In this Internet Sales Training Module are tips to improve your outbound prospecting and follow up calls.

Selling on Social Media

In this Automotive Sales Training Module you’ll pickup the tools to use Facebook to generate leads, promote your product, and increase your sales.

The "Road to The Sale" Training Webinar

The “Road to The Sale Webinar” is an evolved sales process. This webinar will help you increase your sales whether you’re experienced or a green-pea.

Tools to Help You Stay Motivated

Audio-books, Audios, E-books, and Videos that are here to help you develop as a person. The Motivational Tools are available to help build your confidence, enjoy life, and be positive.

How To Get Referrals

In the How to Get Referrals Module you pickup a step by step process for attracting referrals to close more sales.

Automotive Sales Training Online

Expect the Best from the Best!

Nationally recognized sales trainer and founder of Sales Professionals of America Recruiting Brian Maxwell shares powerful tips that will help you get more customers off the lot, into the dealership, and driving off in their new vehicle.

“Using Mr. Maxwell’s social media strategies I generated 10 appointments and closed 4 sales in 2 days”

Ryan D, Peacock Ford


Will this training help people with automotive sales experience? Yes, these sales training modules are jam packed with powerful tools for experienced people at the dealership and the green-pea.

Do you offer sales training programs I can purchase?

Many of the automotive sales training modules are FREE. If you are ready to step up into the $100,000 year club there are sales training programs available to help you launch yourself to the next level.

Are there any training video to sell cars on social media?

Yes, there are several training videos to help sell more cars and boost your sales on Facebook and Youtube.

What is your refund policy?

We offer six months to use the training modules and if you don’t feel they increased your sales a refund will be provided.

Does Mr. Maxwell offer personal sales training?

Yes, Mr. Maxwell does offer personal sales coaching and online sales training programs. Within the modules are more information to decide which works best for you.

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