Who is Brian Maxwell?

Brian Maxwell - Sales Staffing & Sales Training Specialist

About Brian Maxwell

Brian Maxwell is the founder of Sales Professionals of America Recruiting. He leads the company’s strategy and vision of being a mission-critical staffing and sales training resource for dealerships who strive to improve and sustain revenue performance via world-class selling teams.

Brian has over 20 years of experience implementing successful selling strategies. His dedicated sales staffing and training events drive measurable improvements to sales team production and profits. Brian Maxwell provides executive on-site resources to dealerships that transform their sales teams performance. As a business executive himself, Brian combines his sales experience and skill building development to help your salespeople connect with what matters most — their ability to help your customers buy from your store.

Leaders In Sales Training

We are leaders in providing on-site sales staffing and sales training events in the shortest possible time (within 5 days). For over 10 years, we have worked with dealer groups and dealerships nationwide. We drive accelerated growth by enabling agility in your sales team so they can get ahead of buyers’ changing needs and act quickly to help them buy.

Equip your sales team with the skills and a consultative selling approach that focuses on customer collaboration. We will guide your sales team on a performance journey that excites, engages, and produces results.

Brian Maxwell

Founder | Trainer

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Committed To Enhancing Your Customer Expectation With Professional
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