Recruiting Campaign

About The Recruiting Campaign

Brian Maxwell and Sales Professionals of America Recruiting offer a comprehensive recruiting and sales training program for the automotive industry. The program involves a two-day on-site interview process at the dealership, followed by a three-day sales training program for selected candidates. Friday afternoon the management team selects the top performing candidtaes for their store.

During the sales training, the salespeople are trained on various aspects of the sales process such as the road to the sale, customer qualification, dynamic walk-around, and effective sales calls. The training also includes extensive role-play, quizzes, and training materials to help salespeople hone their skills and be more effective at their jobs.

Here are three benefits that dealerships can expect after working with Brian Maxwell and his team at Sales Professionals of America Recruiting:

  1. Improved Sales Performance: With extensive training on various aspects of the sales process, salespeople are better equipped to handle customer inquiries and close deals more effectively. The training helps salespeople to be more confident in their approach, leading to improved sales performance.

  2. Reduced Turnover: The recruiting process involves a rigorous on-site interview process to identify the right candidates for the job. This means that the dealership is likely to hire salespeople who are a better fit for the job, leading to reduced turnover rates.

  3. Increased Customer Satisfaction: With better-trained salespeople who can handle customer inquiries more effectively, customers are likely to have a more positive experience at the dealership. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, which can help to build a loyal customer base and drive more repeat business to the dealership.

Key Benefits

  • Hire Good Salespeople
  • Better R.O.I. Per Newhire
  • We Do The Heavy Lifting